Frequently Asked Questions


Individuals or units providing hosting, domain, or similar services have incentive programs, promotions, or discount codes they want to post on the website. We have created a form following it so you can use Operate easily.

Instructions for posting promotions and discount codes on

1. Store: Select the brand for which you want to post promotions and discount codes. If you don’t have one, you can create a new one.

2. Category: select the category of goods you want to post, for example, Hosting, Domain, or VPS…

3. Offer type: we have the following three types of promotional information; depending on your program, choose accordingly.

  • Printable: discount code that must be printed on paper to bring directly to the store to use

  • Coupon Code (also known as discount code, discount code, voucher code): a type of code used to enter directly when paying online

  • Sales: promotions, discounts with specific amounts or %

4. Add code or change offer type: Enter discount code or sale amount, % sale if any

5. Coupon image: Upload an image representing the promotion

6. Coupon affiliate URL: enter the link leading to the promotion or discount program

7. Exp date: enter the promotion or discount expiration date. If you don’t know or don’t have an expiration date, tick the Don’t Know expiration date button.

8. Offer title: enter the title of the promotion or discount, for example, Namecheap discount code 10% Hosting service

9. Offer description: Enter specific information describing the promotion or discount; the more specific and accurate the information is, the better, for example, discount amount, conditions of use, promotion start date, Number of promotions, discounts, etc…

If you are unable to post discount codes or promotional information, please contact us for assistance.

Discount promotion information will be checked for accuracy and suitability before being officially posted. Usually, the process can take about 4-8 hours.

Information may not be posted to if it violates the terms of use or regulations of site security.

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